Can you create a custom piece for me?
I receive dozens of requests for custom pieces each week and there's no way I can take on all of them. I'd hate to pick and choose so to keep my work as inclusive as possible I am currently not accepting commissions. If the situation changes, I'll be sure to announce it on my Instagram page

I'm an international customer. Will I have to pay a customs fee for my order?
All goods imported into a country are potentially liable for an extra customs handling charge. This can range from a few pounds to up to 20-30% of the value of your order and you will usually receive a request from your local postal service asking for payment of this fee before your parcel will be released from customs. Please remember that I am not liable for any customs fee that may arise

What fabric do you embroider onto?
My embroideries are stitched almost exclusively onto hessian, which is also known as jute or burlap. Hessian is a natural material so small imperfections are to be expected. I seal the edges of my canvases to guard against fraying but please remember that your wall hanging is delicate, and handle it carefully

Where do you buy your yarn?
Honestly, everywhere! I work from a huge stash of yarns and threads which I've collected over many years from all over the world. I buy from small indie hand-dyers, local wool shops and from large online stores. Etsy is a wonderful place to pick up unique yarns and I also keep an eye open on eBay for vintage or unusual fibres

Do you work from a pattern?
No, I never work from patterns! I do no planning or preparation at all. Every piece I create, whether embroidered or woven, is completely freestyle. This means each piece is totally unique with its own personality

Can I buy your work anywhere else?
Nope! I'm not currently selling through any galleries as I enjoy selling my work directly. I love to know where my pieces end their journey

How should I hang my piece?
Embroidered wall hangings are easy to hang from the hardwood batten sewn into the reverse. These pieces have a heavily textured reverse and are best hung from two or three nails, with the batten balancing on these so that the piece hangs an inch or so away from the wall. This will give good contrast and allow the canvas to hang straight. Weavings hang from a stringless hardwood dowel and can be easily mounted on two long nails. Using long nails will hold the dowel slightly away from the wall to allow space for the chunky reverse and will keep the weaving hanging straight

How can I look after my wall hanging?
Both embroidered wall hangings and weavings can be taken down and blown or shaken very gently to keep free from dust. If your piece is sewn onto hessian, the edges will have been lightly sealed but careful handling is advised to prevent fraying